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Working Out Outdoors

The Outdoor Workout Plan for Gaining Epic Muscle Mass During the Summer

You want to get absolutely shredded, yet you don’t want to spend your entire summer inside a climate-controlled gym. The sun provides many health benefits, and there’s no better feeling than a sweat sesh out in nature. PVL is here to help you accomplish your muscle-building goals while enjoying the sunshine. All you need is your bodyweight! 

We have the ultimate at-home, full-body calisthenics workout plan to experience unreal hypertrophy and explosive power from anywhere in the world. Let’s get to it! 

Summer Full-Body Calisthenics Workout

  • Plyometric Push-Ups
  • Jump Squats
  • Inverted Rows
  • Dips
  • Pull-Ups
  • Hanging Leg Raises 
  • Sprints x 3
  • Finisher: 7 burpees, 20 mountain climbers, AMRAP jump rope double-unders in 1-minute

  • Workout Plan Notes

    While it might seem like a lot, the beauty is in this training’s simplicity. For the first six exercises, you do one set to failure. Record your reps each workout, then beat that number in the next workout. This is a key foundation for improving your physique week after week. Adding volume to your plyometric push-ups, jump squats, inverted rows, dips, pull-ups, and hanging leg raises will do wonders for your strength, power, muscle mass, and explosiveness.

    Training until failure means performing reps until you can’t complete a full rep properly. You should barely be able to move an inch. Training until failure to ensure the intensity is high enough is imperative to spur muscle growth. 

    *Note for beginners: If you can’t do plyometric push-ups, you can modify them for regular or knee push-ups, depending on your fitness level. In addition, you can turn jumping squats into traditional squats and omit pull-ups. You can also trade the double-unders for singles. 

    Upper Body Exercises

    Plyometric push-ups and dips will train your upper body push muscles: pecs, deltoids, and triceps. And since plyometric push-ups involve an explosive push, they’ll improve your power. Inverted rows and pull-ups will train your upper body pull muscles: trapezius, latissimus dorsi, and biceps. Jump squats and sprints will train your lower body: quads, glutes, and hamstrings. And the hanging leg raises will focus on your core.

    Sprinting and Finisher Exercises

    The last two exercises are different. Sprints are wonderful for developing insane leg strength and power. They also improve your core strength and are a great high-intensity interval training (HIIT workout) to burn more fat. Sprint three times for 40 yards (36.6 meters). Track your time with each sprint, record the data, and then try to beat each time in the next training session. 

    As for the finisher, this is where you put it all together to improve your conditioning. The burpees are a complete exercise that will tax the entire body. And with seven reps expected within less than a minute, speed is the key. Start a timer for one minute. Perform seven burpees, then get down and immediately bust out 20 total mountain climbers (10 each leg). 

    With the remaining time left on the clock – potentially one to 20 seconds left – grab a jump rope that you’ve positioned nearby and do double-unders until the minute is up. Record how many double-unders you achieved and try to beat this every two or three workouts.

    Final Word

    With this being a full-body calisthenics workout you can do from home, you don’t have to do it daily. Three days a week will provide ample rest to hit the workout again with the same intensity two days later. 
    Continue progressing in these movements, and watch your body transform in the summer heat. The great outdoors and your bodyweight are all you need to gain crazy levels of muscle mass while getting the most out of your summertime.

    Article by Terry Ramos

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