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How to Speed Up Recovery And Dominate Your Opponent

How To Speed Up Recovery And Dominate Your Opponent

As an athlete, improving performance is a top priority, and one of the biggest ways to enhance strength and boost athletic performance is to speed up recovery. In spite of all the training techniques and mental focus tactics, recovery rules all. This is why exploring recuperation techniques are crucial to your athletic performance. What follows are key recovery baselines you absolutely MUST incorporate into your fitness program.

Stretching For Success

Obvious one right? Stretching just “feels” good. It helps loosen and expand muscles that have been tightened by intense fitness activity, but did you know stretching actually helps with your recovery over the days following your training? Stretching out and expanding muscles creates increased blood circulation, which in turn allows your muscles to receive more of the essential nutrients (carried by the blood) that they need for optimal recovery. When you participate in consistent stretching, you’ll also improve your range of motion with a specific muscle—thus helping you enhance performance and flexibility. In saying that, there are two very effective types of stretching---static is where you extend and hold the muscle group for a given amount of time, and dynamic stretching, where the movement focuses on more than one muscle. These two types of stretches will lead to successful recovery.

Streching for Success

Get Sufficient Rest

Many athletes may fall into the trap of “the more you work your muscles, the bigger your gains.” In other words, they don’t feel rest is needed for optimal results. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, by effectively resting your muscles, you’ll be one step closer towards successful recovery. Aside from physically giving your muscles a much-needed break, sleep is also crucial due to the hormonal processes that occur during “shut eye” hours. Because these processes involve not only muscle growth/repair AND brain based reinforcement/consolidation of learned motor movements, lack of sleep may hinder recovery and performance across several physiological areas. As a brain hacking tip, there are many nootropic supplements tike Lion’s Mane that can help you enhance mental focus and improve sleep during those times where you know there will be definite disruptions to your sleep schedule. Generally speaking, you should commit to at least 7-9 hours of quality sleep to support your body to repair muscle tissue and restore balance to the rest of the body.

Drink Plenty Of Water. Then Drink More.

Though most athletes are aware that hydration is vital for performance, they aren’t totally cognizant of just how much water will benefit recovery. According to the United States Geological Survey, the body is made up of about 60% water, and H2O helps the recovery process because of its ability to help digestion. When this occurs, the body receives all the necessary nutrients for faster recovery. In addition, drinking water flushes out toxins within the body, sends nutrients into the cells, and aids in regulating body temperature and PH balance. Thinking about running back to back training splits to fast track your results? Ensuring optimal H2O intake will assist muscle soreness and tension to help you be ready to perform at your best for next day workours.

Recover With A Massage

If you want to recover effectively, there may be a different way to help your body feel at ease. Massages have been used to alleviate tense muscles, and this is a great way to help athletes reduce the pain. This unique recovery technique will aid in making the biological process of muscle recovery more proficient. By receiving a massage, you can lower your cytokines, a compound that builds up during exercise and which causes inflammation and high levels of mitochondria activity. In other words, receiving a massage is important in supporting anti-inflammatory responses and the process of converting glucose into energy for better cell repair.

Increase Your Protein Intake

As an athlete, your body needs to successfully recover in order for you to perform consistently at a highly competitive level. This can only happen when you use recovery techniques such as eating enough of the right kind of protein. Your body will take this protein and break it up into sub-components like essential amino acids which it will use to repair and build up fibers of muscles. After a grueling workout, the body will increase the rate of protein synthesis. This is why you need more protein in your body to compensate for the accelerated rate of synthesis. If you don’t consume an adequate amount of protein, you will lose muscle mass, thus hindering your athletic performance. It’s that simple. How much daily protein do you need? Though there is no single answer for this, a rule thumb is to keep your protein intake in the range of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

A Powerful Supplement To Help You Recover Faster

Though you can receive amino acids and protein from food alone, it’s a challenge to reach an adequate daily amount due to sporadic eating patterns. Using PVL’s Glutamine Gold, you can support your recovery process with quickly and conveniently. With a large dose of Vitamin C (1000mg), Glutamine, and L-Alanyl, Glutatmine Gold is the solution to help speed up nitrogen to your damaged muscles to help fuel tissue repair. If you’re lacking Glutamine in the body, you won’t have the needed sources to rebuild muscle. This is extremely important if you’re an athlete. Why would you risk being sore right before competition? With important recovery techniques that include Glutamine Gold, you can now reap the benefits of being a superior athlete. It’s time to dominate your competition. Are you ready to recover faster?

A Powerful Supplement To Help You Recover Faster
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