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Stop Dieting and Exercising

Stop Dieting and Exercising

You’re probably thinking that I’ve gone a bit crazy saying this but...


Let’s be honest, tell me who really looks forward to, or gets excited about “dieting or exercising”?

NO ONE! That’s who!

It’s stupid and you don’t want to do it anyways. Feel better now that I’ve cleared that up and let you off the hook? Imagine a life where you never have to go on a diet or exercise ever again?

Sounds like freedom to me too!

Now of course there’s a bit more to it... there always is with me right?!

Life is all about perspective. Is the glass half empty or half full? Well I say who really gives a crap as long as there’s actually something in the glass. That’s what I call perspective.

Everything in your life will be exactly what you perceive it to be. So if you change your perspective you can change your experiences.

Instead of thinking you have to diet and exercise (the stuff you don’t want to do) choose to look at it the way Coach PK and I do...


Yes, it’s that simple! Stop dieting and exercising and start eating and training.

Doesn’t that sound so much better?!?!

Who doesn’t want to eat? I love eating.

And doesn’t training sound awesome?

It sounds like you’re a badass Navy Seal preparing for a serious mission.

Now we’re talking! I actually want to go train right now then eat some awesomeness!

Dieting sucks and in most cases, and for most people, dieting is temporary. But ask yourself do you really want to go on a “diet”, that you hate, to achieve a result, then go back to old bad habits and lose every positive result you may have got?

No of course not that’s ridiculous!

Change your focus from dieting to eating! Eat with a purpose. Eat with an objective. Eat for a reason.

What you choose to eat at any given moment will be decided by what your goal might be at the time, but you still need to eat. And enjoy it!

Cutting weight? You might be eating less. Building Muscle? You might be eating more. Burning fat? You might change the ratios of what you’re eating.

But at the end of the day just enjoy the process of eating.

Exercising? That’s what really unhealthy people are forced to do because their doctor (who is not healthy themselves) recommended they do it because if they don’t they might die...

Wow, that sounds so inspiring to me... NO it sounds brutal!

How can someone stick to exercising when it has no goal, no vision, no excitement.

Now training on the other hand! That’s the shit!

Training is about setting a goal. Having a purpose! Going with a vision to make a positive change!

Find out where you suck. Are you weak? Are you tight? Do you have chronic pain or injuries? Whatever it is find it.

Set a goal and “TRAIN” towards it.

If that doesn’t get you motivated I don’t know what will!

I’m jacked up just writing this!

Turn your thinking and your perspective around and you will completely change the way you approach your body and what you need to do to make it superhuman!

As your virtual coach, today I officially release you of all responsibility of dieting and exercising!

You will never have to do either ever again!! Stand up and celebrate!

And I hereby challenge you to start training and eating with the purpose of becoming the most incredible possible version of yourself.

You are worthy of being amazing and living an extraordinary life! Now go get it!

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