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Vegan Muscle Building

Vegan Muscle Building

Whether you are an everyday person trying to lose weight, fitness enthusiast, or weekend warrior, there has been a new nutritional trend—the vegan diet. In fact, there’s been so much of an outpouring that even bodybuilders have taken the plunge into this newfound phenomenon. But what exactly can bodybuilders do to keep muscle mass by consuming vegan? Let’s face it---bodybuilders are used to meat-protein based diets, and vegan diet takes some discipline. For instance, it takes careful planning when incorporating a plant-based diet. Additionally, closer-to-contest versus off-season diets will cause bodybuilders to analyze their vegan dieting accordingly. Moreover, it is important to eat 5-7 small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism intact---not to mention all the necessary vegan nutrients that are needed. In saying that, the meals must come with quality plant protein sources. Some examples include lentils, legumes, seitan, legumes, quinoa, tofu, and chickpeas. This is needed if you want to enhance muscle size for a quality physique. You must also ensure you have enough fat in your diet, as this will help you possess enough calories needed for muscle growth. Beyond that, fat intake for bodybuilders should be around 0.5 to 1 gram per bodyweight daily. Some great vegan fat sources include almonds, flaxseeds, and peanuts. In addition, keeping track of your protein-carb-fat ratio during the beginning phase is vital to your success—so keep this tip on the forefront of your vegan plan. A plant-based diet comes with high fruit, vegetable, and grain intake, which will mean higher fiber consumption. This can cause bloating, flatulence, and abdominal pain---and that’s why drinking plenty of water is important. Of course, depending on your exercise levels throughout the day, your daily water intake would vary. Additionally, when following a vegan bodybuilding diet, iron is essential for getting oxygen from your lungs to your muscles. This will increase your ability to boost muscle mass, and allows you to recover faster, as it generates proteins, hormones, and cells for stronger, bulging muscles. Some valuable sources of iron include dried apricots, kale, and spinach. Another important element in building muscle with a vegan diet is to keep calcium levels high. Without this important ingredient, your metabolism and muscle contractions will be negatively affected, thus hindering your ability to gain muscle mass. Furthermore, some important calcium-vegan rich foods in your bodybuilding diet may include okra, sesame seeds, and tahini.

Plant pro & creatine

Besides these vegan foods and tips, there are still other sources to help you maximize muscle size. For instance, Pure Vita Labs’ Plant-Pro is a powerful plant-based supplement to meet your daily vegan needs. A fermented and sprouted plant protein, PVL PLANT-PRO contains 100% all-natural non-GMO vegan proteins. This great-tasting supplement is fortified with key enzymes such as Phytase for smooth digestion. PLANT-PRO contains 25 grams of protein with no added carbs or sugars. An ideal supplement to build muscle tissue, PLANT-PRO aids muscle recovery and improves metabolism, so you can enjoy an attractive physique. Another one of PVL’s dynamic products includes their 100% CREAPURE PROTEIN. A 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine, this tested supplement has been the hallmark of competitive performances. With its ability to deliver high-powered speed, endurance, and strength, CREAPURE is scientifically-proven, and has become one of bodybuilding’s powerful muscle secret.

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