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Total Reload — An Inside Look By a Customer

Total Reload — An Inside Look By a Customer

Here at PVL HQ, we are loving your feedback on our recently rebranded product line. Here we have an honest insight from our customer, Marten, about how he uses PVL TOTAL RELOAD to recover from his workouts – thank you Marten, and keep them coming guys!

"Kicking this one off, I've never been a huge fan of post-workout, 'all-in-one' supplements because most of them are over-priced and under-dosed — Pure Vita Labs changed my opinion drastically by bringing Total Reload on to the market. So, what is inside their product Total Reload?

"There are a healthy amount of amino acids, 15 g of free-form aminos in total — we all know they're crucial for the recovery and muscle building process.

Total Reload

"From those 15 g free-form amino acids, 7 g are BCAAs, which are essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce on its own — we have to get them in from our nutrition or supplementation.

"Also important for a post-workout supplement, is the amount and quality of carbohydrates. PVL brings us 15 g of carbs in total, with a mixture of waxy maize, maltodextrin and other quality, fast acting carbohydrates. This is a decent amount, depending on your body type and the intensity of training that you just did.

"Furthermore, we find electrolytes in this product to refuel our bodies with the nutrients that we lose through sweating and physical stress — electrolytes play a key role in various processes with the metabolism and maintaining a healthy body.

"Apart from all that, we also find antioxidants and vitamins such as Vit. C, Vit. B6 and B12. Without minerals and vitamins, the human body would not be able to work efficiently.

"All in all, Total Reload delivers a perfectly dosed and well balanced mixture of ingredients that the body needs to recover efficiently right after training. The taste is great too — there's no artificial sweeteners in there, so it's more on the "natural" sour side, however, an opinion on taste is very subjective as we all know!

"Last but not least, I have to say: get your hands on this amazing product, and try it for yourself! I also use it on a rest day, as the ingredients are healthy for your whole body no matter of your age, gender or level of activity. Good job PVL!" — Marten Briel-Pump

We really value all types of feedback on our products — we use it to make our products and company even better going forward! Do you have any feedback or product reviews for us to share? If so, hit up via social media!

Want to know more about Total Reload? Check it out here. Thank you for being a loyal PVL customer.

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