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Enhance Mental Focus And More With This Supplement

Enhance Mental Focus And More With This Secret Supplement

From protein shakes to creatine, quality supplements are essential for massive results. Though these are conventional supplement methods, there is another unique ingredient to optimize your health—Lions Mane.

Improve Brain Health

With powerful phytonutrients, Lion’s Mane is able to successfully improve mental health. For example, Lion’s Mane mushrooms are able to stimulate new brain cell growth. There was a study in which Japanese adults with mild dementia consumed Lion’s Mane for four months, which resulted in improved mental clarity. Additionally, Lion’s Mane mushrooms will allow you to boost nerve growth factor (NGF), thus helping you to repair cells quicker. You see, NGF is a protein that regenerates neurons, and assist with peripheral nerve recovery. This can dramatically help those with neck and back injuries. Moreover, with Lion’s Mane, you’ll experience powerful antioxidant properties so you can fight free radicals to help support anti-inflammatory responses. By regenerating your brain cells, you’ll improve processing memory and emotional responses. For instance, in regards to pain, individuals with depression are less likely to change their perception of pain once it develops. Lion’s Mane mushrooms are an amazing product to support brain function to help you think clearly for better productivity. This happens because Lion’s Mane is able to neutralize free radicals—which helps prevent cell damage. You see, when you support anti-inflammatory response, you’ll improve blood flow and provide your brain with more oxygen. This will lead to better mental focus and performance. Lion’s Mane antioxidants allow you to improve memory and learning, and helps strength brain cells.

Improve Heart Health

Beyond that, Lion’s Mane may regulate cholesterol levels, which will aid in preventing blood clots—which results in regulating heart health for better general wellness. Lion’s Mane not only improves metabolism, but also controls triglyceride levels. In addition, this potent formula helps prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream. This is why reducing oxidation is so important for heart health. Furthermore, Lion’s Mane contains Hericenone B—a powerful compound that helps decrease the rate of blood clotting.

Do you know what else?

Improve Sleep

These unique mushrooms can even help REM sleep—which is the lighter stage of sleep (about an hour and a half after you sleep). The REM sleep stage causes neural plasticity to happen in the brain. This is where the brain digests information into forming new ideas. This helps you makes sense of the world around you, and allows you to process daily interactions, thoughts, and environments. In addition, due to its anti-stress properties, Lion’s Mane will also support sleep by balancing the nervous system, which calms the overactive brain to provide you with a more restful mind. Lion’s Mane also offers a natural way to reset your circadian rhythm—which provides you with a good night’s sleep on a daily basis.

This powerful ingredient is seen in some of PVL’s superior products. For instance, DOMIN8 contains Lion’s Mane for more razor-sharp focus. Whether before or during your workout, you need this phenomenal ingredient so you can focus on the task at hand—whether that’s concentrating on the muscle being flexed, or giving yourself more energy to maximize your training sessions. It’s time to re-invent your workouts with Lion’s Mane. If you can imagine yourself with no more anxiety, improved focus, and better sleep, then Lion’s Mane is your answer. Are you ready for more focused training?

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