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Boosting Athletic Performance with DE111

Boosting Athletic Performance with DE111

Have you ever thought how probiotics can positively affect athletic performance?

If you haven’t, then you’re in for a surprise. Whether you are a bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or athlete, it’s important to know probiotics can reduce fat percentage and help you achieve maximum results from your training efforts. In fact, the consumption of the probiotic strain DE111 combined with athletic performance. DE111 is a genome sequenced clinically tested Bacillus train. This powerful strain helps protect microbes from harsh conditions. But how does DE111 exactly help athletes?

You see, athletes go through significant amount of physical stress due to training demands. When this happens, stressors are often overlooked. In particular, college athletes are under a tremendous amount of stress—physically and mentally. When this happens, your immune health will begin to decline. In addition, athletes can be more susceptible to experience injury during times of increased strain. In saying that, DE111 is the perfect probiotics to help combat immune suppression. DE111 are live organisms when consumed, and help improve physiology effects associated with physical strain—as it helps by enhancing gut microbiota. In other words, in athletes, DE111 will be able to reduce the number duration, and severity of infections. Additionally, by improving the resistance to infection, and boosting nutrient absorption, an athlete’s health and adaptation will be supported.
DE111 Probiotic

"de111 is the perfect probiotics to help combat immune suppression."

In a study according to the Journal of Sports, endurance athletes who consumed DE111 significantly time until fatigue in males running at 80% of their ventilator threshold. Moreover, 10 weeks of DE111 supplement combined with adequate post-workout nutrition was shown to improve body composition in female collegiate athletes. PVL’s ISOGOLD contains powerful whey protein, and an effective probiotic Bacilus subtilis (DE111) that survives the gut longer and works faster. We include a 1 billion CFO unit count in each scoop. This is the clinically-tested amount, and is resistant to temperature and acidity within the body. What does this mean exactly? Well, this means DE111 stays around longer and stronger than most probiotics. You see, if your gut is intact, you’ll be able to absorb carbohydrates, fats, and most importantly, amino acids more efficiently. When you are able to absorb amino acids proficiently, you’ll recover faster—thus helping you to gain muscle quickly. This will help you reach your muscle goals in record time! The key component here is absorption.

"when you absorb muscle-building nutrients faster, you’ll undoubtedly transform your physique with ease."

With our seven delicious flavors, 27 grams of whey isolate, informed-choice tested (drug-tested), and DE 111 probiotic fortified supplement, you’ll experience a new and exciting way to build muscle. Not only that, PVL’s ISOGOLD contains no fillers, a superior taste, and formulated without banned substances. In addition, we have no amino spiking, provide easy digestion, and Isogold is a manufacturer-direct supplement. Manufactured in a world-class, GMP certified 100,000 square foot facility; PVL strives to help to ensure high quality ingredients. Since our products are exported all across the globe, we strive to keep high quality safety standards. Are you ready to improve physical performance?

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