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Clean Mass XL (5lb) - The Clean Gainer

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  • Make clean bulking quick & easy
  • 1120 calories from 25 real food ingredients †
  • 60g protein complete protein †
  • 38g EAAs, BCAAs & glutamine †
  • Lean carbs, fiber & good fat macros
  • pH balancing greens & micronutrients

† Per 2 daily servings

Gain smarter and harder

Whether for bodybuilding or sport, getting the excess calories to gain mass while also staying lean is NOT easy. All the healthy food prep & careful calorie counting... make it EASIER on yourself! CLEAN MASS XL is a premium clean gainer with the perfect balance of on-demand carbs, protein & fats to hit your macros with clean calories. NEVER miss a meal again - just scoop, shake & gain lean mass!

No-crash, high-impact clean carbs

Basic weight gainers use cheap filler like sugar to boost carb count - these empty calories cause insulin spikes and energy crashes. CLEAN MASS XL is built cleaner with Fermented Pea Starch as the #1 ingredient! Pea is a resistant starch that is digested in the gut. This cleaner carb has better absorption & digestion, a low glycemic response, less bloating and even supports better gut health!

25 clean bulking foods on demand

CLEAN MASS XL helps keep your clean bulk on track. Every powerhouse scoop is loaded with complete muscle building protein (whey, milk, fermented pea, sprouted pumpkin seed), clean carbs (like fermented pea starch, organic quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato), and healthy fats (like MCT, avocado, flax). Everything you need for intense training & high calorie clean bulking, on demand.

Clean gains & sustained energy

CLEAN MASS XL’s fermented pea starch dominant clean carb blend & hybrid protein drive sustained gains - without the crash! Added pH-balancing veggie greens provide micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals to energize every movement and support recovery. Full spectrum electrolytes & digestive enzymes keep you hydrated & consistent to keep stacking mass, hitting PRs and scoring goals. Gain on!

Delicious sugar free flavour

Some weight gainers can be like choking down a bag of flour. Hard pass! We DON’T rely on just 1 flavour ingredient or add a bunch of sugar to make our gainer taste good. Working with top global flavour producers like the one that supplies BEN & JERRY’S* ice cream, CLEAN MASS XL combines 4-6 flavour ingredients to create a delicious, gourmet, milkshake-like experience!


PVL has always held a fierce dedication to be Clean, Tested, and Approved for Sport with ZERO sugars, carbs, fillers or artificial flavours/colours! Uncompromising quality. Pure passion. Real results. Powered by PVL.

  • ZERO artificial colours or flavours
  • CLEAN formulas, quality ingredients
  • TESTED by Informed Choice
  • TRUE GMP verified quality
  • UNRIVALED 25+ years XP
  • FOR ATHLETES by athletes

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you’re a hard gainer - meaning you have a hard time gaining muscle & size - you might want to try a weight gainer. Many hardgainers are suited for dirty bulks which fast-track gains by providing indiscriminate calories regardless of the source. For other body types that are more prone to fat gain you might want to keep those calories cleaner and more precise. This is called “clean bulking” and clean gainers are built to provide this more precise, high calorie macro nutrition to athletes.

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01 Dec 2023
Rajiv SVG verified by SHOP
Canada Canada

Great product . Quick delivery !

06 Oct 2023
David S.
Canada Canada


I only ordered this product because they were offering a free stainless steel shaker with purchase. However, due to the misleading ordering advice on PVL’s website, I did not have the shaker included in my order. So I’m basically getting a product that I’m only half interested in without the free part that I was interested in. And I do not think PVL will still honour the free shaker for me. Customer support takes a ridiculous amount of time to respond. Not a good way to treat a loyal PVL customer (ISO Gold is the only protein powder I buy). Extremely disappointing

01 Aug 2023
Wilfred E.
Canada Canada

Clean Mass Xl

It is really good, cheap for its size and easy on the stomach

PVL Clean Mass XL (5lb) - The Clean Gainer Review
24 May 2023
Mathew F.
Canada Canada

Clean mass XL Vanilla Ice Cream

Taste is good, definitely mixes better with a blender instead of a shaker but goes down good with no stomach upset. Definitely one of the cleaner gainers on the market and isnt filled with a bunch of nonsense. Definitely recommend.

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