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Thanks to You, PVL is Canada's #1 Brand of the Year!

Thanks to You, PVL is Canada's #1 Brand of the Year!

Thanks to YOU, PVL celebrated multiple wins at the prestigious Popeyes Supplements Awards, and we couldn't be more grateful! With your support, we took home not one, but four prestigious trophies: Brand of the Year, Protein Isolate of the Year with ISOGOLD, Overall Product of the Year with ISOGOLD, and Glutamine of the Year with Glutamine Gold+. We want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to our amazing customers and our incredible partner, Popeyes Supplements.

The Power of Partnership

The image shows a lot of ISOGOLD bottles on the table and the two Popeyes Supplements Awards trophies.

Our long-standing partnership with Popeyes Supplements has been instrumental in delivering top-quality sports supplements to athletes and fitness enthusiasts across Canada. Together with Popeyes Supplements, we continue to commit to push forward with the excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has helped set us apart in a competitive industry.

There's a reason why our ISOGOLD protein isolate was crowned both Best Protein Isolate and Overall Product of the Year. With its superior taste, unmatched quality, and excellent mixability, ISOGOLD provides premium muscle growth and recovery to any nutrition plan.


the image shows a PVL Glutamine Gold+ on the table with the Popeyes Supplements Award trophy on its side.


Glutamine Gold+ is designed to provide comprehensive recovery. Packed with clinically-proven, fermented glutamine, it supports muscle tissue repair and immune system function while reducing muscle soreness. Winning the Best Glutamine of the Year award is a true reflection of the effectiveness and quality of this outstanding product.


Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

At PVL, our commitment to excellence is part of our brand DNA. We take pride in our ability to control every aspect of our products from our GMP manufacturing facility. We formulate, manufacture, and distribute our own supplements, allowing us to closely monitor the quality and purity of every ingredient that goes into them. Our rigorous standards ensure that our customers receive only the best possible products.

The graphic shows PVL products bottles arranged and the badges of the Popeyes Supplements Awards displayed between them. The awards won by PVL include Brand of the Year, Protein Isolate of the Year, Overall Product of the Year, and Glutamine of the Year.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of avoiding banned substances in sports, which is why our entire office line is Informed Choice Certified. This means that all PVL supplements have been rigorously tested for banned substances by LGC, a world-class sports anti-doping lab. We want our customers to have complete peace of mind when using our supplements, knowing that they are safe and effective for achieving their fitness goals.


Aiming Higher and Evolving 

Our journey doesn't stop here. We have ambitious plans to continue evolving and standing out in the sports nutrition market. We're committed to constantly improving our products, listening to your feedback, and exploring new and innovative ways to support your fitness journey.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of our customers and employees. Your unwavering support and hard work have made all of this possible. We couldn't have achieved these milestones without you. Thank you for choosing PVL and for making us a part of your fitness journey. Here's to more incredible achievements together!


Image featuring eight PVL athletes and affiliates wearing PVL t-shirts, holding PVL supplement products, including ISOGOLD, EAA+BCAA Complete, Domin8, and Creatine X8. The group is posed together.
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